11 Fantastic Travel Trailer Deck Designs (Lookin’ For Inspiration?)

Do you have a travel trailer?

Do you want a deck as part of your trailer setup?

Is it hard to attach travel trailer deck designs like these to your trailer?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 11 great travel trailer deck ideas to give you some inspiration for your trailer’s setup. You’ll be able to find something no matter what size trailer you have—and no matter what size budget, too.

These ideas range in style and appearance considerably, so take your time looking through them to find the one that’s right for you and your needs. It’s not too hard to get a deck like this set up, but you will have to go to some effort to build it yourself or save enough for your budget to have someone else build it for you.

Depending on the type of deck you want, construction could take only a few hours, or it might take a few days. Pick your favorite choice from the list below and you’ll be well on your way to a great deck in no time!

1. Awning and Deck Combo

Set up your awning over this wide, low deck for a beautiful and comfortable place to get some fresh air every time you go camping. This is an easy combination that’s great for beginners, but it’s widely appreciated by even the most seasoned of trailer travelers, as well.

2. Metal

 When you’re in the market for a portable deck for your trailer, you’ll probably want to stick with a metal option like this one. This is a small deck that combines with your trailer’s awning to make a great outdoor seating pace for two.

3. Covered Wooden Raised Deck

For a great country vibe, check out this raise deck with a handful of steps and a wooden cover. This deck has a railing on one side so you can enjoy a comfortable space to sit and eat, and there’s more room on the other side for fun and games, too.

4. Tall

 Does your trailer have a taller or higher door than most? Or do you usually park it on a hill? Either way, if you’re in need of a taller deck, then this fun and easy option is right for you. This deck is high enough to reach even the tallest of trailer doors, and it makes use of a wide awning as well. This is an especially good option if you have the type of trailer with more than one door, too, since you can make the deck wide enough to encompass both doors and then some. When you need a lot of space, this is a good way to go.

5. Old-Fashioned and Small

Do you have a little trailer? Do you love the look of camping from days gone by? If either of these is true of you, then you definitely should consider a deck like this one. This is a fun little deck space that looks quaint and cozy, and it won’t break the bank, either. Set up this basic wooden deck with a single wide step and use your awning to provide some shade. There’s enough space for two chairs and a small table in between, and don’t forget the fairy light to bring it all together!

6. Basic and Functional

If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on your deck but you still want something that’s going to get the job done right, check out this minimalist but very useful little deck. With one step up and a simple railing, this deck has everything you need to make it your own. Set up enough seating for two people in this cozy space, and don’t be afraid to use your trailer awning for some extra shade—or pick up an umbrella table instead, if you prefer something a little more permanent!

7. Flower Bed

If you prefer to be surrounded by flowers every time you step outside your trailer, then this deck and flower bed combo may be right for you. The deck itself is made of wood and metal railings, and it’s surrounded by a beautiful flower bed that helps offset the slope of the deck, too.

8. Traditional

You can’t go wrong with a traditional covered trailer deck! This deck has a lattice border underneath it which can be used to hide any storage items you have below. It includes your trailer’s awning as a shade and has enough room for a small family table and chairs.

9. Partly Covered

If you’re looking for a deck idea that has some shade for your seating area but plenty of extra room, too, check out this partially covered option. This deck makes use of your trailer’s awning to give some shade while leaving the rest of the space open to the great outdoors.

10. Rustic

 Love the rustic look? This deck is made of weathered wooden boards and include a very basic and old-fashioned metal railing with extra wood boards to top it off. Use wooden steps or get creative with stones and pavers for this deck that looks like it’s come from the past.

11. Simple and Sweet

When all you need is a little deck space for a smaller trailer, this cute open deck may be the way to go. This deck features one step up to the two-person seating area and another small step up to the trailer itself.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent deck options out there for you to choose from, and your travel trailer can have the deck of your dreams without too much effort. But can these decks be removed and set up again, or all they all permanent? It’s important to keep in mind that the majority of these decks are permanent and will have to stay in place wherever you keep your trailer parked. However, some of them can be portable depending on their design. When you’re building your deck or commissioning someone to build it for you, keep in mind whether or not you want it to be portable. There are some great solutions out there!



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