7 Perfectly Practical RV Decks Designs (Be Inspired)

Are you thinking about creating a space for you to park your RV for a longe period of time?

Do you have an RV that needs a little sprucing up on the outside?

How can practical but beautiful RV decks designs make a difference in your RV?

In this article, we’ll help you find all the inspiration you need to create the best deck for your RV. You’ll be able to see a variety of different deck styles and designs and pick the one that works best for your needs.

Whether you’ve always wanted to build a deck for your RV or this is an entirely new idea to you, you’re sure to find something you love from the list below. Take your time and check out these fun and exciting ideas to help you get started.

1. Deck with Awning

This is a very traditional and easy-to-accomplish take on the RV deck. With this method, you simply need to build a wooden deck—either raised or level, depending on your needs—and use the awning on your RV to create the shady space you’re looking for. Your can put as much or as little patio furniture on this deck as you like, and there’s plenty of room to include storage benches or even outdoor shelves if you prefer, too.

2. Partially-Covered Deck

Go with a partially-covered wooden deck if you prefer something that’s got a little more specific seating space for entertaining purposes. A deck like this should be as long as the RV itself with an offset covered wooden seating space positioned behind the RV. You will also need to add steps to make sure you can get up to the deck and to the door of the RV. With this method, you don’t have to have an awning already attached to your RV, but you do need to have enough space to build something like this wherever your park your trailer.

3. Spacious Lattice Deck

Do you love the look of lattice around a deck space? With an RV deck like this one, you can enjoy the way lattice looks and you might even be able to use it to grow some climbing plants as well. This deck is structured to work as an RV shelter that covers the whole RV as well as the seating space. It features two sets of stairs and a lattice back wall as well as lattice trim beneath the deck. You may be able to use the space beneath the deck as storage space, depending on your setup.

4. Simple Wooden Deck

Sometimes, all you need is a truly simple and effective small wooden deck to get the job done. With a little deck like this, you can have enough room for some seating and you should have plenty of space for a pop-up canopy tent as well. You can also choose to use the awning on your RV if you have one installed. This type of deck can be as short or as tall as you need it to be, but keep in mind that raising it up may give you some more storage options underneath it.

5. Fenced Deck

If you have kids or pets, you might want to opt for this fenced-in deck option instead. This is a permanent wooden deck that is bordered by a nice flower bed—optionally, of course! This style of deck utilizes the RV’s awning for shade purposes and includes a high enough fence that no little ones or furry friends can go over the side. You can even choose to put in a gate closure at the stairs to prevent your kids and pets from escaping when they’re outside on this deck. All in all, this is a great, family-friendly choice for your RV.

6. Minimalist Raised Deck

If you have a smaller camper or you just want something basic enough to get the job done without breaking your budget, you can stick to this minimalist but very useful raised deck option. This deck has enough space for a couple of chairs and a small table if you choose to set them out, and it makes use of the RV’s awning for shade. Best of all, it’s tall enough that there’s plenty of room for storage underneath, so you can keep any outdoor-safe items below it without having to worry about finding space for them.

7. Vintage Trailer Deck

If you use a vintage trailer or even just a smaller-sized RV, you might want to stick to something with cozier, more old-fashioned feeling for your deck. With this very simple wooden deck with only one step, you can accomplish just that. This deck is quaint and cute, and it features enough room for a couple of chairs beneath the RV’s built-in awning. This type of deck doesn’t have a lot of room for storage, however, so it’s probably better suited to a single person or a couples’ camping experience rather than something for a big family.


Now that you’ve seen a lot of great RV deck styles, you may be wondering just what you need to keep in mind in order to have the best RV deck around. There are a few elements you’ll want to always have in your RV deck, and there are some things you’ll have to decide on based on your own preferences and needs, too.

Here are a few features you should include in your RV deck plans:

portable decks for rvs
  • Sun protection: It’s always a good idea to offer some type of shade or UV protection on your deck, especially if you ever want to use it during the day!
  • Seating: Make sure your deck has plenty of seating built in or has enough room for lots of patio furniture. You’ll probably want to spend a lot of time out there, and you may want to entertain on your RV deck, too. With enough seating, you can make this happen easily.
  • Storage: Storage isn’t a must-have, but since RV living involves a lot of tight space, you may want to include some type of storage. Whether you build the storage into the deck or put in a storage bench, you can achieve this with no trouble.

Pick your favorite RV deck design and get started building right away!

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