So if you want to do your own deck or patio, you shouldn’t be discouraged. In fact, you should be excited since everything you need to know is already on the internet! From basic carpentry skills, how-to videos and even complete courses, you can quickly arm yourself with the tools and skills needed to make a deck along with deck building tips.

We do suggest you get a professional to consult with regarding your project, though, and that you undertake this at your own risk.

We’ve compiled 35 great deck design and building ideas that you may want to look into when you’re designing your deck. These may prove useful when you’re thinking about how to build a deck from the ground up. Again, show your ideas to a professional carpenter so he can give you great advice!

1. BigFoot Systems Deck Foundation

Having a very good foundation for an above-ground deck is of utmost importance to support its weight. Using the BigFoot Systems footings as the foundation for the deck, what you make is a footing system that distributes its weight over a wide area of the ground level therefore maintaining the balance of the deck it supports.

2. Stained Concrete Patios

Adding some color onto the concrete flooring is best done for economic reasons with staining. Unlike other coloring methods such as the use of paint and coating, staining holds deeply into the concrete therefore producing a color and texture that is both permanent and does not fade.

You can either just buy a pre-made stained concrete or you can make some yourself if you have the right set of tools for it, just for a DIY patio deck.

3. Stamped Concrete Patios

Indoor concrete patio deck designs are often noted for their beauty when you’re trying to design a deck. Second only to durability, your outdoor concrete patios have to be the other way around, with durability taking center stage.

Combining the best of both indoor and outdoor patios, however, you get a stamped concrete patio – a concrete bearing the beauty of indoor concrete patios (based on the stamped designs) plus the durability of outdoor concrete patios, which makes for a perfect décor for the outdoor entertaining areas. This patio deck design is most noted for its carvings and coloration that do not make for a bland flooring design.

4. Modern Concrete Patios

Complementing the contemporary home designs, these modern concrete patios can make things quite easy for you as the owner and designer. Featuring a design that is simple yet elegant, modern concrete patios provide a clean and refined look to floor deck designs ideas.

5. Indoor Hanging Porch

Everybody likes to swing around with a hammock under the tree or elsewhere under the sun.

During intensely hot days, however, staying in a swing not always an option. Do not let the weather's situation hinder you from enjoying a little time on the hanging porch. Make yourself your own indoor hanging porch and swing yourself at your leisure whether it shines or rains.

6. Stairway Solar Wedge Lights

Love it or hate it, stairs are not always everyone’s cup of tea. Covered deck designs can benefit from this feature since this means nighttime doesn’t make the structure too dangerous. This is especially true when going up or down the stairs at night.

Luckily, however, stairs need not always be out of light for anyone to use, especially so with solar wedge lights. More than just the safety it offers, solar wedge lights can also be taken as a décor which add glamor to the stairs even when not in use.

7. Artsy Backyard designs

Living a fantasy life for anyone does not always end with a fairy tale ending. So long as you are creative about it, even a seemingly boring and mundane backyard can turn into something you would only find in fantasy. Above ground pool deck designs can also benefit from a whimsical treatment.

Whether you are a fan of fairies, hobbits, or anything else supernatural, you can literally live a life in fantasy and yet something real that you actually see and touch by applying this idea as one of your deck design plans.

8. Stair Risers and Railing Lighting

Not all that glitters is gold, especially when you have this particular deck railing design.

Sometimes, it is just the lightings that do make the whole setup glitter. If you want the railings and the stairs of your deck to appear “golden,” place this add-on to your deck the next time as part of your deck design ideas.

9. Do-it-yourself Furniture designs

Want to add some color into your terrace but without the need for heavy work? Why not incorporate a small-to-medium-sized chair that you can move around like a kart with one wheel? It unique, colorful, playful, and even ergonomically designed for a single person to use.

10. Low-rise Deck with Benches

Wanting to have a place at home where anyone can just chill and have a good time as a group? Then maybe a low-rise deck with built-in benches is a good deck and patio design idea for you and your home.

11. Above-ground Pool Deck design

Pools need be below ground level if the deck and patio designs you have call for something else.

Although doing otherwise is also possible, it only makes sense that both the deck and the pool are at the same level. With some ingenuity, you can easily turn a simple backyard into a pool with a minimalist aesthetic such as an above-ground pool by the deck.

12. Home Shipping Container House Deck on Top

If sky’s the limit for a house, then living in a tiny home shipping container is still plausible for upgrades – albeit vertically. Using a little bit of common sense and the right skill to implement its logic, even a shipping container house can have its own deck on top--benches included.

13. Pergola Hammock Stand

Having a hammock to swing around at your leisure need not have to occupy a lot of space to be incorporated into anyone's terrace. Using only simple physics and design, you can have a hammock around by connecting fabric to two main pillars in your patio or porch. This is great as an addition to your existing knowledge on wood deck designs.

14. Under Deck Screened Porch

When making an above-ground deck, oftentimes the space underneath the deck is never used. Wood deck railing designs may be difficult to use here, obviously.

You may have to call in some heavy machinery to get this done but the effect and space created may truly be well worth the trouble.

Take a look at how to make a special room below the deck, screens included. This makes a covered deck design that might turn out to be the envy of your relatives and neighbors.

15. “Modern Cave” design

Primitive meets modern, in this “Modern Cave” (name used only for reference) design. This may not boast a lot in glamor and detail, but simplicity could be its key selling point.

Bearing the semblance of a cave, the design is meant for people who wanted to have someplace to spend some time with their loved ones. Anyone who is into architecture should consider adding its concept as part of one of their simple deck designs.

16. “Water Lily Steps” design

Inspired by actual water lilies, the “Water Lily Steps” design gives you a foothold to cross around an artificial or natural body of water where the deck is situated.

Given its free deck design, however, walking across the steps is no mindless matter which could make you fall in. If you have children, make sure you keep them away from your pool until they know how to swim.

17. Do-it-yourself Outdoor Living Plant Wall

Incorporating the garden area and the deck was once an impossible idea. That is until the plants themselves were removed from the ground soil and moved to a pot. Check out deck designs, pictures and tutorials online on how to do this.

Using the same idea that traditionally shows how topsoil plants can be grown at higher altitudes provided that there is soil in the equation to sustain the plants' needs, you can now incorporate a simple garden into your terrace.

With minimal space as its only requirement you can make the DIY Outdoor Living Plant Wall. Now you can have both a garden and a terrace at the same time as one of many outdoor deck designs.

18. Stacked Rock Falls

Want something natural for your deck yet at the same time completely man-made? We’ve got just the thing on how to design a deck.

A Stacked Rock Falls scheme as one of many deck railings design may be just the thing. Imitating what is inherently a rock waterfall, this artificial décor is something you can truly enjoy. It can help you relax by letting you feel like you’re in the heart of a forest. This décor can add beauty to one of your backyard deck designs.

19. Inside Pool Benches

Just when you think you just misread the title, you realized that the benches in this design were indeed within the pool as part of the deck area.

With the idea of being laid on your back on the bench, soaking, you can see the seats are meant to keep you in the water while you rest. The benches, however, do not mean to replace the traditional dry seats by the pool, only to complement them, as a pool deck design.

20. Stacks of Woods Stair Riser

Thinking of building a deck on a sloping terrain around the house? Beat the monotony of the neighborhood by simply adding some blocks of wood as seen here. You can have beautifully-designed and polished pieces like the one above or raw burls to complement polished stones.

It is cleaner and less messy than traversing on a slope of soil, and can add some beauty to the area depending on design. For carpenters and designers, this is a good piece to add to your existing knowledge on outdoor deck design.

21. Staggered Garden Path Towards a Body of Water

If you are an artistic person who’s wondering what to do with undecorated soil in the backyard, then the Staggered Garden Path design may appeal to you simply out of love of art.

Although the design may be applied elsewhere, this particular setup is designed specifically with a body of water in mind by the deck. This is another worthy addition to anyone's knowledge on outdoor deck design.

22. Slides by the Deck

Slides are not exclusively for children, you know. While you can’t possibly get a permit for a slide that’s too high, you can still create a fun area for your family that no one else on our black has.

Yes, why didn’t you think of it before: you can literally add slides to the deck for children to play with!

How about the parents? Well, who said you couldn’t use your own slide? Make sure you make one wide enough for big hips.

Why bother going through the stairs when you can just slide? Alternatively, you can also just incorporate an actual playground onto the deck.

23. Seawater Pool by the Deck

Why waste precious water for your pool every time for its use when you can use existing waters if you live on the seaside? This pool design helps you save on your water bill by providing you with water that is ever-present on the environment all while being bounded by the pool's own water semi-permeable walls.

24. Beach Sands by the Deck

Love the feel of the sand on the beach but don’t have time to drive all the way there? Why not incorporate sand as part of the decks overall design?

Using beach sand as the deck's flooring along with placing a fire pit in the middle can help you get a sense of what makes the beach a perfect night-time experience. You essentially have a nightly bonfire. You are also building a mini-beach in your own backyard, minus the seawater.

25. “Railing-that-does-not-look-like-a-railing” design

While this may be dangerous if you have kids, a bachelor escape may benefit from quite a cool design. Keep in mind that it can also be dangerous to people who can’t swim--so you better give your guests aple warning.

But as far as great deck railing ideas go, this is one of the top designs. You can make this the focus of your porch or patio and complement it with white and blue furniture to give off that nautical feel.

26. Asian-inspired design

Creating a small, Japanese-style haven in your backyard can be your design idea. While you don’t have to be as authentic as this actual image, you can incorporate the hardwood floors, sloped ceilings and even a koi pond in your yard. Take note that this is design is a bit more expensive than the others on this list.

27. Shape-centered Terrace design

Keen on symmetrical shapes and would like to apply the same philosophy in your terrace? Follow this “shape-centered terrace design.”

28. Terrace-meets-garden design

Why make a separate section for the garden and the terrace when you can just fuse the two?

29. Modernity-meets-nature design

Even if you live in the heart of the urban jungle, you can get a green space for a garden. Use your rooftop to create a wall-to-wall greenhouse that has all the flowers and herbs you need.

30. Set fire to the stones design

Marked by its simplicity as well as its sharp and smooth lines, this design is as modern as its gets. It’s still quite cosy, though, as the fire gives off a cozy glow.

31. Glow in the dark design

Want to have that “dreamy” feel to your terrace? Try this Glow in the Dark design to attain that goal where your every step feels like a dream.

32. Mediterranean Minimalist design

Ever have the feeling you are in Greece enjoying a day o one of its pristine beaches? How about the set of the Mamma Mia movie? Designing a deck with this in mind may be the perfect idea for you.

While you may not be able to trick your senses into thinking you’re going for a dip in the Caspian Sea, you can, however, see your terrace transformed into a Mediterranean dream.

33. Wood and Concrete Tiles design

Ever get the feeling that your flooring is boring? Break the monotony of your deck's flooring with a combination of wood and concrete tiles for its design.

34. Minimalist Handrail design

Who would have thought that handrails need not always be complete in the fullest sense to be incorporated with the stairs? With minimalism at its core concept, the Minimalist Handrail design gives a clever, artistic and interesting twist.

35. “Solid” Handrail design

When is it actually a deck or the inside of a house? What if it can be both? In the end, you decide what part of the house is actually your porch, patio or receiving area all in one!


When you design your own deck, porch or patio you may need a little more than your usual furniture overhaul or interior design consultancy. Get a carpenter or contractor in to look at Pinterest photos or online examples and see how these can be incorporated into your home.

Once you’re done with your deck, make sure to check out deck maintenance tips and deck cleaning tips from experts dependent on the design you chose so your setup lasts much longer.

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